Mission planner last stable version can't load firmware on to pixhawk

Hello everybody,
Unfortunately i can’t expend to much time to my hobby, and i have been looong time disconnected.
I has installed MP 1.3.65 working fine (win7). I update to latest version. After install, i can connect to pixhawk perfectly. I decide to install newest firmware too. Unfortunately, the communication with board during firmware update doesn’t works and give me timeout error for communication.
I decide to downgrade MP to version 1.3.65 again, but now,same happens.
I said, ok, let’s go to test on other pc(win10). I install MP 1.3.65 and all works fine. I update latest firmware and all its ok. Then, i update MP to latest version an again i can’t load firmware on to pixhawk.
¿Maybe i have to update direct x or other software that it’s needed?
¿Any ideas?
¿How i can uninstall complete MP for a newest clean environment?
Thanks in advance

please try the latest beta MP.

i discovered an issue with older bootloaders not supporting some features.

Hello Michael,
Thanks for your response and effort!! Unfortunately beta doesn’t works too.
“Error:No response from board” (it’s an fmuv2)
Additionally, when board it’s connected to MP via MAVlink, the bootloader update from install firmware menu doesn’t works too “Failed to upgrade bootloader”
Regaards and have a nice day

failed top upgrade can be an indicator that its already loaded. the response from the board is not the best, but changes in newer firmware.

could you perhaps send me the missionplanner.log file after one of the failed attempts.
its in the folder C:\ProgramData\Mission Planner

I try to load other firmwares (Rover, Copter,…) with same results. I upload the log´s files but something it´s wrong too with log generation. The file doesn´t upgrade with last time stamp. Take a look and ask to me all that you need.

MissionPlanner.log (256.7 KB)

could you try something for me?

goto the firmware screen,
and unplug and replug the board
and does the text under the progress bar change?

i have a feeling the attempt to reboot the AP into bootloader mode doesnt work on your board.

I have the same board and same problem. Official, nor legacy 4.03 updates work even with msi latest installed. So stuck with ver 4.02 for the time being.

please try the latest beta MP. ill try get this fixed if i can get some assistance from you guys

Hello Michael,
Sorry for delay. I have been out this weekend. Now i am working. I will try unplug to day, but i think i did it too and didn’t works.

Hello again,
I have test to unplug and, yes it works! It’s not easy to do because sometimes appears “unplug your board and click done…” Text and works, others, bar progress goes rapid and i unplug while “scanning ports” text appears… But doesn’t works 100% fine.
I try beta version again and i have to unplug on “scanning port” step and it works, but takes to much for “program” step and"done" step message appears and disappear very fast.

I had a similar issue with my PIXRACER and I could load after connect/disconnect to Mission Planner

MP ver 1.3.72 existing firmware on clone pixhawk 2.48.board is copter 4.02

On mp start, I sometimes cant see the St Microelectronics virtual com in the list of connections, but com 15 is there and I know this is the connection for the quad I am trying to upgrade firmware on.
After opening MP( Install Firmware)I select official 4.03. Platform fmuv2 is pre selected, so click upload firmware. File downloads from net then I unplug usb, press ok on the gui and wait for my board to be detected. Green line bar is fully across and detecting is flagged. After 30 seconds Error: No response from board.
When I check in the com ports available the St Microelectronics virtual com on com15 is gone and is now replaced by Lagacy FMU on com port 8.
I close mp and reopen. The only com port is com8 with Legacay, but my quad will not connect. Closing MP and disconnecting usb, the reconnect gives com15 availability, but only as a com, no St Microelectronics virtual com, however the quad will connect. If I now kill all connections to mp , disconnect usb, re plug usb in, restart mp the com 15 now shows the port as com 15 St Microelectronics virtual com.
Once again going to setup, install firmware etc goes all through the loop again with no success. Michael, I think your reply “have a feeling the attempt to reboot the AP into bootloader mode doesnt work on your board”. is where my problem exists.