Mission Planner - Joystick Button Problems

Recently, an updated version of Mission Planner was released which changed the layout of the Joystick configuration screen. Everything works as expected, except for the joystick button assignments. In the past, I have been able to change modes by clicking a joystick button, ie. Button 0 -> “RTL”. Now, the only option is to assign the button to “ChangeMode” and when used, Mission Planner throws an error. Is this functionality just not implemented in the new version yet?

Any idea what is going on? I would like to be able to fly with my joystick again, but I need easy mode control!


Last I checked (a week ago) I was able to change modes by assigning a button on the joystick, which MP version are you running?

please try the current beta MP.

there where some joystick changes in the last version. to add more functions with button presses. like “arm” “disarm” “do_set_servo” etc.