Mission Planner HUD

I’ve gone through the ArduCopter links concerning the Mission Planner and as yet have not been able to find a descriptive tutorial on what you actually see in the HUD. I would like to know what three indicators mean, two are in the compass bar at the top, and one is in the top left hand corner of the map as shown in the images below. The MP version is 1.2.90


Do you think it might be worthwhile to have a MP sub-category where we can build a source of information concerning the operational awareness of what you see, and also somewhere to raise issues concerning the MP and HUD.

There is a Mission Planner forum and this post is being moved there.

Green = target
black = gps ground course

…and the red 2 and line in the circle is the wind speed and direction a calculated by the gps and mag compass.

correct. if you have airspeed fitted to your plane the autopilot sends that to the GCS. if not, the gcs tries to calculate it.