Mission Planner HUD says (SAFETY) and I cannot use the throttle

Hello all,

I am using Rover 4.1 and have finished successfully calibrating the radio, accels and compass on a Pixracer.

My steering and mode controls work, but I cannot use the throttle control. I see the input moving in the Mission Planner status screen, but the output never leaves the center position (1500us).

The Mission Planner HUD displays the message: (SAFETY)

I set the BRD_SAFETYENABLE parameter to 0 thinking it would disable the safety switch, as I am not using one.

I should also point out that the car’s ESC has forward and reverse, with forward being from 1500-2000us, and reverse being from 1500-1000us.

What am I missing? Thank you,


It will report this if the Safety Switch isn’t pressed when enabled:

Is your throttle stick in the Neutral position while attempting to Arm? But that will generate another message just asking.

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Ok, I got it sorted. I thought I had the button disabled, but I had it enabled. Also, I had the arming check disabled, so the rover came up ARMED and I think that messed me up. Furthermore, I had to put the rover into MANUAL mode instead of HOLD mode. These three items conspired to confuse me, but I eventually came around.

The image below shows the (SAFETY) message prior to fixing my parameters.

Thank you for your help,


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