Mission Planner HUD GPS time


on the mission planner HUD there a “GPS time” in the top right corner.

my question; has this time been corrected to account for the difference between GPS time and Universal Coordinated Time? or is the uncorrected GPS time; which is ahead of Universal Coordinated Time by 18 seconds (because GPS time does not correct for leap seconds)

thanks in advance

I have no clue what is happening on the GCS side, and it might depend on your GPS unit but I can report that with a u-blox GPS we ask the GPS to provide us with UTC time rather then GPS time, although there may be a shift that happens when we finally get the number of leap seconds). (If you have a battery this will probably not ever noticeably manifest, or if you are tracking GLONASS you should get all the correction information quickly)

who said it was gps time?
its the time of the last valid mavlink read in your local pc time.