Mission Planner HUD blank 1.3.68 on Windows 10, version 1803

The HUD window is competely blank as shown in screen capture image.

I have used Mission Planner for many years and it has been stable on my Windows 10 laptop: and was last OK on 15th May 2019. Using it today (20th June 2019) it is now blank: and I note a microsoft update (version 1803) happened in between. I tried updating to .NET 4.8. Also updated to MP 1.3.68: as well as re-installing.

Any ideas on Cause and Cure ? … many thanks.

Did you tried to delete Documents\Mission Planner\config.xml ?
Also delete log files from c:\ProgramData\Mission Planner, then start MP wait till it load and exit. Then send MissionPlanner.log from ProgramData\Mission Planner directory

Perfect = this fixed it: thanks.

I deleted Documents\Mission Planner\config.xml - and HUD is back as normal.

Thanks again.