Mission planner home

Hi all,

Recently received a Iris+. when I login to mission planner as well as droid planner on the android tablet, it shows my home, guess it distance in meters, to be in the order of 921176 and sometimes higher… Any ideas what’s up? How do i set my home location to something other that that crazy high number.

Thanks for any info and help with this…

Home position should automatically be read from the iris when it is connected to mission planner and has a good gps fix.

Thanks for the comeback, I have my iris connected to my pc in the house, having a tough time getting a gps signal thru the roof…Is there any manual way to set the home position or only can it be set from the gps from iris?

Thanks for any info.

As far as I’m aware it set’s the home position purely based on the gps co-ordinates so you need to get a gps lock on the iris.

I’m quite lucky, I can get 9sats while indoors but if I go outside with the laptop I can get a few more.

I’ve also seen a very large distance from home number. I’d have to test but it may be thinking home is at lat/lon 0/0 before the copter is first armed. I’m sure it’s not dangerous and that it’ll go away once he vehicle is armed/disarmed. It’s a bit disconcerting I realise so maybe we should try and resolve that.