Mission planner help required, am i doing something wrong?

Please can anyone help, when i draw my polygons in the flight plan menu and choose survey grid in the auto waypoints menu, mission planner draws way too many waypoints, now what my collegue does is enter the specifications of the camera he is using and then the grid automatically changes the waypoints to the correct amount of waypoints, but when i do it on my pc, it does not change the grid, when i increase the distance between lines on the grid options menu the waypoints become less.

However it is suppose to do it automatically ? as i don’t want to manually enter the wrong paramaters whenthe camera setting issupposed to be used and change the settings according to the camera.

Also when i try to save the camera settings in the camera config menu, it says “one of your entries is not a valid number” when i try to save the camera settings.

Does anyone know where i could post.

verify your settings are the same as your collegue, and make sure you are in advanced view to compare all the settings.