Mission Planner - GPS waypoints/kml

Hello everyone,

I am developing a project for my school using mission planner and pixhawk installed with a rover. The purpose of the project is to be able to deliver food on campus using this system .

So my question is and hopefully someone has experience with this but I want to know if its possible to be able to autonomously upload coordinates/or the KML format to mission planner? I know I can do this manually by downloading the coordinates and uploading myself to mission planner but I am trying to do less work lol and just have it set to when someone puts the location in google maps reads it and sends it right to Mission Planner.

I was thinking this could be done by creating a server and connecting mission planner and google maps to it but I’m not for sure if that’s the best/easiest route to go .

I appreciate any information and any help that I can get

thank you

Ardupilot mission files (xxx.waypoints) are text files, very easy to manipulate. Inserting coordinates is very fast and easy with a column selection editor. Is that what you want to simplify?

yes that’s is what I want to simplify , autonomously