Mission Planner - GPS Status parameter - "4" "5" "6" missing in docs

Testing RTK with a new F9P receiver I charted GPS.Stauts.

It seems that the levels “4” “5” and “6” are not defined in the docs. I suspect “5” is “float” and “6” is “fixed”. I’m not sure what “4” represents.

I had the same question a long time ago, and found this post.

0=No GPS
1= No fix
2=2D Fix
3= 3D Fix
4= 3DGPS
5=RTK Float
6= RTK Fix

Excellent - thank you!

I suspected as much.

I think the terms for 3D Fix and 3DGPS are also are sometimes stated as “GPS” and “DGPS”.

I found this reference that explains the differnece.

Difference Between GPS and DGPS (with Comparison Chart) - Tech Differences.

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