Mission Planner - GoogleSatelliteMap Not loading

I cannot get GoogleSatellitMaps to load any map tiles in my software (1.3.24 build 1.1.5574.33902).

I am getting the “Exception: The remote server returned an error: (503) Server Unavailable”. Each tile only shows the error message below.

Things I’ve tried:
-Re-installing Mission Planner
-Running Mission Planner from the zip install in a different location
-Turned off firewall (in case it was somehow blocking Gmaps.net)
-Deleted gmapcache several times

Odd Behavior:
-If I alt-click and try to prefetch a selection of maps, this acts as if the process is working normally (it goes through the process of downloading), but nothing in created in the gmapcahe folder.
-All of the other map packages work (Like the non-satellite Google Maps).
Is there something else I need to delete in order to have a 100% clean install?

Thanks! So frustrating

Problem Solved. Note to anyway that has the same problem.

When clearing my map cache earlier, i also deleted the Gmap.net folder in User/Appdata/Local folder as well (my fault).

This screwed up Gmaps… so i found and launched the demo included with the gmap forms zip here:


This reset the gmap.net folder… and i’m back in buisness!

I am having the same problem and tried all your tried solutions and the one that worked for you. All I have done is let it update recently. It will load Bing and others just fine but GoogleSatellite will not load tiles. Anyone else having this problem. I’m lost on what else to try.

I have found a similar and strange behavior with Mission Planner and Google Sat Maps. I’ve been prefetching maps for areas I plan on flying in and when I first open Mission Planner I get the satellite map clear and I can zoom in and out with out any problem or loss of resolution. I then use the mouse and ALT click and drag to highlight the area I wish to prefetch and start the process. I start with Google Sat maps, then do the Google Hybrid Maps and then Google maps. Everything works fine and I get a clean download of map tiles in their individual folders under the Mission Planner gmapcache directory. If I then move to another area outside of the initially selected area, the maps are fuzzy. If I exit and restart mission planner the same thing happens and if I delete the gmapcache folder I get the error 503 server error when I restart mission planner. That is until the next day where i can start the whole process over in a different area and get clear and clean maps. It’s almost like Google is seeing a session that is collecting a pile of maps tiles and will allow the current session to proceed but will give reduced resolution maps in areas outside the current area unless you wait a day or so. So far I’ve collected 4 of the 5 areas I plan on flying in. All of the other maps providers, Bing Maps and Google China maps, etc always work but are older maps. I’m running Mission Planner 1.3.32 build 1.1.5736.30798 on a windows 7 platform, 64 bit and I’m downloading the maps to place on a Nexus 7 Tablet as the field ground control station.