Mission Planner Gimbal Control

I have an alexmos gimbal is controlled through the telem 2 port using mavlink. When I am planning a mission should DO_SET_SERVO set to channel 12 (Gimbal Pan) 1100 not tilt the gimbal down at the moment it does nothing.


David Ardis

I use alexmos with mavlink and use DO_SET_ROI to have the camera point on a particular place during missions and it works.


Unless you know otherwise, I don’t think it cares about RC_CHANNELS mavlink message

When i am doing an auto mission for mapping. I would like the camera to be pointing down when it reaches waypoint 1 and do pre-programmed panoramas when the camera starts level and points down for the last shot.

Corrado with DO-SET_ROI how does the pixhawk know the angle to set the camera.

David Ardis

Have you set the MNT_RC_IN_TILT to ch12?

Last time I played with DO_SET_SERVO it also only briefly set the intended value before return to trim to neutral.
You should also check that it isn’t set up as a relay.

If everything is configured ok, you just need to enter DO_SET_ROI and point to a point on the map, and it just works, all angles are calculated authomatically.