Mission planner gets offline when conecting radio

hope someone could help me i am geting crazy with this i bought a turnigy i10 one month a go and all went good but now when i turn the radio on the mission planner turns offline i tried other radios and is all ok i even reset the radio but gives me all the same error port 4 doesnt exist turn off the radio and mission planner conects ok as soon i turno the radio again on mission goes off i cant understand this everithyng was ok i didn t change nothing is the most strange thing that is getting me crazy hope someone has some help to give me thanks to all

solved after burning my eyes i have to trim the radio all the way down the trothle and then was able to calibrate and assign again the flight modes something that was not need it in the first time use the radio so thanks

also i have to conect the lipo on when conected via usb to mission planner only way it worked