Mission Planner FW upload issue to F765-Wing

after trying various types of Mission Planner install, driver setups and cables I gave up.
Mission Planer is running version “latest” on W10 (all updates) on Thinkpad W530.
My FC is Matek F765 as I want to use it on a traditional helicopter. The 765 starts up on plugin, creates STM Virtual Com13, sequences green and blue LED twice (don’t know how many blinks as it is very fast) and the shows red steady and blue blinking 1Hz. On Mission Planner I have tried normal install, that leads to a request to disconnet and reconnect. Then it comes to a scan of ports and finally to a “No response from board”. When I press the connect button it starts mavlink and turns the button green. Then it says “mavlink connectiung” and then “trying to connect” with a final timeout.
When I installed INAV (which I can’t use) it installs, loads firmware and is working in configuration mode.
Did I miss anything somewhere? When I install from “All options” I get an issue with the hex files. the apj file leads to the missing response issue. I installed Zadic, ImpulseRC Silabs and STM32-Virtula drivers without any change.
What am I doing wrong or missing?

If you have no had ArduPilot on it before you will need to follow these instruction


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Thanks very much!
Works like a charm.
Will start integration in the heli now.

Thanks again.

Hello just noticed your post on the forum i also have a matek 765 board that i was trying to configure for use on a heli with no luck did you get the board to fly a heli if so could you share you set up thanks any help is appreciated