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Mission Planner forward MAVLink packets over UDP link

(William James) #1

I have Mission Planner connected via a serial radio link to an APM. I want Mission Planner
to forward the MAVLink packets received from the APM over a UDP link to another computer(Raspberry Pi).
Is this possible? Are the packets forwarded in a transparent manner or does Mission Planner alter them in any way?

(Nikita) #2

It is possible to mirror Mavlink packets in MP, press ctrl+f and press Mavlink. Enter type of the connection and ip/port. You can check if MP should allow access to drone or not.

(William James) #3

Hey Nikita, thanks for response. I never could get that to work. Sorta got it to work using APM Planner.
In Mission Planner tried to forward packets to a RPi running MAVProxy (I know typically direction is from MAVProxy to Mission Planner) using both UDP Client and UDP host. Computers were connected with a crossover cable. I could ping both ways.
Mission Planner IP =
MAVProxy IP =

Start MAVProxy with: sudo python --master=UDPOUT:

says waiting for heartbeat from

In Mission Planner try to connect using UDP host nothing happens
try using UDP client nothing happens. I tried about every other combination of command on the MAVProxy as well,
never had any luck. Im sure I am just missing something.
If anyone knows the definitive way to do this I would appreciate it if you would share it
with me, if it is possible at all.

Thanks again!

(Michael Oborne) #4

ill look into this, as I believe it should work

(William James) #5

Thank you Michael. Thanks for all the work you do, thanks for the time you spend, and thanks for sharing with the rest of us!

(Michael Oborne) #6

is there any chance of getting a wireshark log?

I did a basic test and it worked fine for me.

(William James) #7

Hi Michael, I went in a different direction. I have a ULRS on a mast with a RS 485 link down to Mission Planner. Instead of passing MAVLink packets from Mission Planner to a Raspberry Pi I just put the RPi on the 485 bus as well. It is just a “listener”, running a modified version of MAVProxy. Also have a minimOSD on the 485 bus so performing OSD function on the ground instead of air.

If I have some time I will revisit the packet forwarding problem I was having, Im sure I was just making a boneheaded mistake. Thanks for checking this out, take care!