Mission Planner flight Plan map missing


On my new computer the Norwegian “Statkart_Topo2” is not loading anymore in Flight Plan, although Google Maps and many others are OK.
Searching the internet I found this web site https://plus.google.com/109174292833909704661/posts/dYAEt3X4V2u. I looks like that the Norwegian mapping agency changed the url for accessing the map tiles - ‘topo2’ has been changed to ‘topo4’.
I hope this is an easy fix, thank you in advance.

Regards Jan

the latest MP has updated the url

Thank you Michael, works perfectly now!

Just a suggestion for coming updates: The menu still shows “Statkart_Topo2” (actual “…_Topo4”) . This may cause confusion later, perhaps you should change it to “Statkart_Norway” or just “Map_Norway”?

Donation sent :sunglasses:

Thanks Jan, much appreciated :smile: