Mission planner flight mode not displaying in HUD (showing as unknown)

i have installed latest stable release MP 1.3.74 build 1.3.7563.27684

trying to connect with CUAV x7 pro autopilot loaded with stable AC 4.0.4, when i connected to MP its loaded all parameters as default with any issue but in HUD mode status always shows unknown mode and i cant see what current mode is .


and full parameter list also its not showing parameter description as below


i have tried with difference firmware of flight control also .

please help me to rectify the issue.

goto setup > advanced > and click “param gen”


Thank you working @Michael_Oborne

Hello Michael_Oborne
I Have same Problem but no effect “param gen”.
with the versions 1.3.75,1.3.76 and 1.3.77:
arducopter F4BY Downloaded Firmware 4.1.5 have Flight modes
arducopter F4BY with the Created Firmware 4.1.5 used waf, have not Flight modes!
arducopter F4BY Downloaded Latest Firmware also have not Flight modes!
with ver 1.3.74:
all of downloaded and created versions have Flight modes,

Is this a bug?