Mission Planner Flight Data Screen (current drawn)

Howdy folks,

I have this quadcopter. I flew this with Mission Planner 1.3.44.

But there is no current drawn being captured ( it show 0.0) on the Flight Data screen when I was flying the drone.

Any ideas ?


check your current/voltage sensor setup

Hi. Do you mean the parameter setting ?

No, . You need to read the wiki, and then you need to go to Mission Planner > Initial Setup > Optional Hardware > Battery Monitor and configure and calibrate the battery monitor.

My drone using 12S & the yellow power brick.
It only shows battery voltage but never show current.

I faced similiar issue on last year September. I can’t really recall how I solved it.
If I am not wrong. I changed the parameters ( see the attached pictures I sent 1 - 2 hours ago )

I would read the wiki on battery monitoring. I don’t know what the yellow power brick is, so cant comment.

The yellow power brick is the default Pixhawk 2.1 Power Module

and how many S battery pack are you using?

6S 10000 mAh. LiPo

is it because of the parameter setting ?

you should be able to just use the drop down menu’s to set it up.

it could be a physical cabling issue as well though.

ok. I will use another Power Cable and try.
Thanks Michael