Mission Planner fails to connect to board over USB/TCP

Hello everyone, I’m new here, and am fairly inexperienced in this sort of thing.

I am trying to create a rover-type vehicle, with a Beaglebone Blue as the controlling board. I have set up Ardurover per the instructions on the wiki. After that, I figured the logical next step would be to connect the board with Mission Planner. I’m attempting to do this with a USB cable.

The thing is, I’m having a bit of trouble with that, as Mission planner just won’t connect to my board. It can recognize the correct COM port, but whenever I try to connect, it just searches for a signal for 30 seconds, and then times out. I’ve tried swapping the USB ports, I’ve checked the ardurover config files that should help with this kind of thing (i.e. ardurover.service) to make sure that was set up correctly, but to no avail.
No matter what, it always says “No heartbeat packets recieved”

I’ve yet to find anyone that’s run into a similar problem, strangely enough. (maybe I haven’t searched thoroughly enough, but I’ve been working at this problem for a while now…)

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

Several days ago, I spent too much time fighting the same issue for a friend. Eventually asked him where he got the cable from. Turns out it was a “charge” only cable that wouldn’t transmit data. Used another cable and FC was “found” instantly. Good luck!

Thanks for the reply, but the cable I’m using is capable of transmitting data, as I’ve been able to connect to the board for other things previously. I tried a new one anyway, but it didn’t make a difference.
Thanks for the idea, though.

I do think I might be on to something… I looked at the other connection options, and found that I could connect via TCP, as that gave me the option to put in the board’s IP address and port.
When I tried connecting with this, it gave me a different error. It read something like “no connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it.”

I’ll look into that, it might bet me somewhere.
If anybody knows anything about this, please let me know.

I have the same issue. I pulled out SD card and it connected to MP and I dont know why. :smiling_face_with_tear: