Mission Planner expert for pioneering project wanted UK

Hi all,
It’s been suggested through conversation with Craig Elder in Aus that i should post here.
We have a very specific need that hopefully one of you UK based guys or girls will be able to help us out with.
We have a really exciting project on at the moment which we are working with Micheal Oborne to create new function in Mission planner.
We have a fantastic team in place however timelines are proving problematic so we are reaching out for additional support at this time.
We are therefore looking for experienced pilots who are very specifically experienced with waypoint missions with multiple drones in Mission planner. We require someone to be able to test the new systems on the ground in the UK so being able to travel to location is vital but costs will obviously be covered.

From a timeline we are looking at 2 scenarios, firstly testing from next week over a couple of weeks and then again towards the end of october for an event.

We have hardware available for testing however if you can match the hardware spec then additional machines would be considered.

For more information on the project or to express an interest please reply here and i will take it from there.

We have a team of pilots who operate ardupilot commercially, im sure we can help. We use mission planner daily.