Mission Planner errors

I apologise if this is the wrong thread but here are the problems. I laid up my new 2.6 after installing a new off board GPS/Compass, that performed well and without any issues. Yesterday I decided to take it out again and fired up Mission Planner and stupidly let it update to the latest build. When I tried to connect the APM I got this message
[attachment=1]error on connection.png[/attachment]

2cnd When I try to update to the latest firmware I get this

Help please as when it was put away it worked fine.

make sure you enable MP to get through the windows firewall

I dont have Win Firewall on. Funny thing is all earlier versions are working OK.

I have exactly the same problem. I’ve tried disabling the firewall but I still get the same problem. The firewall logs when enabled don’t show that it blocked anything anyway so I don’t think it’s the firewall. Previous version works fine. Presumably other people are using the latest version and can connect to the firmware server Ok.

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ok latest beta has this resolved


I want to know why I can’t make a choice.dtd

나는 MB1240을 연결하였다.
그러나 보이지가 않는다.

please help me.

Use the Full Parameter List. RNGFND1_TYPE

Thank you for your reply

I connected MB1240 with the ADC port of pixhwk2. and I changed the parameter value.

  • RNGFND_PIN = “14” for Pixhawk’s ADC 3.3v pin #2
  • RNGFND_MAX_CM = “700” (i.e. 7m max range) if using EZ0 or EZ4, “1000” if using EZL0
  • RNGFND_SCALING = “2.04” (i.e. 7m / 5v) if using EZ0 or EZ4, “4.08” (i.e. 10m / 5v) if using EZL0
  • RNGFND_TYPE = “1” (Analog)

But I asked the question because it didn’t work on the mission planner.

Sometimes it depends on the Rev of firmware your are using and the Rev of Mission Planner for some menu functions. MP can fall behind advancements in the firmware in some cases.

Thanks for the reply.

I use 3.7 Dev because I want to connect hereflow

I want to connect MB1240 and Hereflow but I think I wasted 3 days because it didn’t work.
It’s too hard for a user who’s just been exposed to a drone.