Mission Planner during flight

I have a Tarot 680 pro hexacopter with a Pixhawk 2.1 (Cube black) flight controller.

The remote control is a Spektrum DX8.

I have a problem. I can’t control the battery during the flight (monitored display) and I have had more than one accident by not calculating the remaining battery. I would like to know how I can display the battery charge during the flight so that I can land in time.

I thought there might be a way to connect the Mission Planner wirelessly to a tablet, but I’m not sure.

Any help would be great.

Thank you!

If you use MP on a laptop with Windows, use the spoken messages.

If you fly several at the time you can even assign different voices.

I don’t know if I understood you. How do I set up these voices? Where do I do it? How do I connect the Mission Planner to the Drone without the cable?

Before running MP, sapi.cpl or voice recognition.

As usual (wifi, 3DR radio, etc).

No offense, but why is it so hard for most people to read the documentation before asking?

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I am sorry but I just know how to connect MP to the drone via cable. I would like to know how to connect it without cable. I mean… be able to fly with the MP open and showing everything.

After reading everything I still unknowing how it works. I didn’t built the Drone and I don’t know to much about electronics. If I ask here is because I need to solve it and I am looking for help.

Thanks for the info but I don’t get it

Ok, here we go.
A SiK Telemetry Radio is one of the easiest ways to setup a telemetry connection between your Autopilot and a ground station. The radio has interchangeable air and ground modules, meaning that you use them as a pair but it does not matter which one goes on the vehicle and which remains on the ground. The radio has a micro-USB port, and a DF13 six-position port.

Connecting to Pixhawk

Use the 6 pin DF13 connector that should have come with the radio to connect the radio to your Pixhawk’s “Telem 1” (“Telem 2” or “Serial 4/5” can also be used but the default recommendation is “Telem1”).

Connecting to a PC

Connecting the radio to your Windows PC is as simple as connecting the micro USB cable (which should have been included with the radio) to your PC. The necessary drivers should be installed automatically and the radio will appear as a new “USB Serial Port” in the Windows Device Manager under Ports (COM & LPT). The Mission Planner’s COM Port selection drop-down should also contain the same new COM port.

To connect the radios:

  • Select the new COM port, set the baud rate drop down (which appears between the COM port and Connect buttons) to 57600.
  • Press the Connect button and if the two radios connect successfully you should be able to lean your vehicle left and right and see its attitude update on the MP’s Flight Data screen’s artificial horizon.

As the platform is open source, implementation can be purchased from many different sources, including ArduPilot Partners:
mRo SiK Telemetry Radio (mRobotics)
Or Banggood https://www.banggood.com/New-Upgraded-V2_0-3DR-Radio-Telemetry-433MHZ-915MHZ-Data-Transmission-Module-For-Android-Smartphone-APM-Pixhawk-PX4-p-1304758.html?cur_warehouse=CN&ID=510651&rmmds=search