Mission planner don't detect the signal of my receiver

Hi !

I’m new on this web site :slight_smile:

So i built my first drone with a holybro kit S500 and i’m using a pixhawk 4.
I’m using Mission Planner to configure my drone but i had a problem.

In the initial setup i arrive to the calibration radio but i didn’t detect anything when i’m using my RC command.

I use a Futaba T6k as Rc command and a R2106GF as receiver.

The both communicates because when i turn on the Rc command the receiver led turn to green.

But the pixhawk 4 didn’t detect the signal, i connect the receiver to the DSM/SBUS RC from the pixhawk 4.

Have you ever had this kind of problem ?

Thanks a lot


  1. Mission Planner does not detect anything, it simply shows you what the flight controller see.
  2. You need a CPPM or SBUS capable receiver, as I see in the manual, the R2106GF is not that. You have to either change your receiver or use a PWM to CPPM/SBUS encoder.

Ok thanks a lot good day !

So if i take this kind of receiver it will work because i can use the Sbus ?

Futaba R3008SB

Yes, assuming that your TX will work with this receiver (I don’t know the futaba system well, you have to check it.)