Mission Planner does not work when using a ADSB receiver


MP is not working when the drone has an ADSB receiver (specifically the PingRX ADS-B). Every time I hit the connect button, the MP attempts to connect without success and the signal strength is always around 40% or less. When I unplug the ADSB receiver, the MP successfully connects to the drone every time and all works just fine.
I think this is a bug in the MP

Set the do not forward mavlink by option on the serial port that you connected your PingRX. It sends heartbeats with wrong parameters and it confuses Mission Planner.

i would loke to look into this further, as MP shouldnt be disconnecting at all, even in this scenario

can you provide some logs?

I think the root cause is that PingRX sends out heartbeats with ID1 and component 0, causing out if seq errors on the MP side. (At least that was my experience). MP does not disconnects once connected, but it makes connecting very slow.

agh, so a change to the selection logic might help here to favour compid 1 vs 0 then

This solved the issue! Thank you! I set the ADSB’s SERIAL4_OPTIONS to 1024 (no mavlink forwarding). MP now connects to the drone without issues.