Mission Planner Documentation?

I am seeking documentation for the MP software beyond the sparse writ at copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/common … d-station/

I’m aware of how one learns the MP through osmosis by bringing a drone online to a fully functioning state, that flight modes and safety checks are best disseminated by doing, but there are many functions in the software that remain enigmatic.

For example: the entire lower left of the screen with the tabs for “servo” and “actions” might as well be UFO controls, for I have no idea how most of them function or what purpose they perform.

Another: the Terminal function seems to offer very deep control of the APM, yet there are no instructions or even flow charts to explain any of its functions.

I know that any grizzled veteran of RC (or a dev) can discern most of the cryptic indicators under the “status” tab, but not me. At least put links to pertinent DIYdrones forum entries, even though they are mostly out of date, they would at least give someone a lead to go on.

I could be mistaken and there is ample notation buried somewhere in a vast haystack, or maybe I’m just impatient and since this an open source project there won’t be ‘ample notation’ anytime soon.

I know I’m not the first one to say anything, but data mining isn’t a substitute for documentation.

=> planner.ardupilot.com/

You find it when you go to ardupilot.com/ and then click on “Platforms” and after that on “Mission Planner”.

Thank you Stefan. The CLI is explained, but what about the enigmatic Tabs of Mystery in the lower left? Does that even have a name? I suggest it be named “Lemuria”.


The MP documentation is looking pretty good. I have much more confidence in learning the operation of my quad and its integration with my UAS :mrgreen: