Mission Planner - DO_SET_ROI modification request

For all those developers out there for Mission Planner, i would like to make a request regarding the setting of DO_SET_ROI.

The default action of setting multiple WayPoints in Mission planner is for a multirotor to face the next Way-point.
I know that you can set a “DO_SET_ROI” line to get the camera to point at a specific spot when moving.
However, that ROI is then thrown out for the next command unless you set another “DO_SET_ROI”.

Some people have figured out that they can use a text editor to modify a waypoint file after it’s been saved and cut-and-paste the ROI above all lines of, say a circle, in order to get the camera to point to the center of a circle when it is flying around it.

I would propose to add an ROI column to each new Waypont line in the Waypoint editor of Mission Planner.
The default setting could be nothing and then modified later on.

The user then could set-up multiple ROI’s at the beginning of planning a mission and then reference each of those in the new column. (ie. ROI1, ROI2, ROI3…)

It would be nice to be able to select numerous Waypoints and change the ROI on all of them at the same time.

the C# code in Mission planner could then be written to properly format the ROI info from the new column so that it appears to the APM as if it was set like one line of “DO_SET_ROI” followed by a WAYPOINT line.

This would make setting up an Aerial Photography mission plan so much easier.

Terry :ugeek:

Yes, I would rather suggest :
DO_SET_ROI , (and coordinates) to be valid for the rest of the mission until a new DO_SET_ROI is set, or DO_END_ROI

Let’s save time, waypoint space, and energy.

DO_SET_ROI and DO_END_ROI would be a much more elegant solution

On getting the DO_END_ROI point to next waypoint


Request here;