Mission Planner crash when doing "Point Camera Here"

Several times today I’ve gotten this hard fault in Mission Planner when doing a “Point Camera Here” function.

Try updating to latest Beta?
MP Beta

Nope - the occasional crashes don’t really bother me - because I don’t use Mission Planner to operate my copters in flight. I just thought whom ever maintains Mission Planner might appreciate the bug report.

Others have offered the advice of downloading the most recent beta of Mission Planner as often as possible. I think I did once - when I needed it for FFT. Personally, I prefer to stay with stable releases.

this error will be something to do with your computer at a guess. i would confirm windows is uptodate etc

I run Mission Planner on a i7 powered Microsoft Surface - updated daily.

The optional updates were two drivers, which I’ve just applied.

I’m happy to forward any other diagnostic info if you wish to investigate.

its something to do with autocomplete

have no idea why you are hitting it though

could you send me a copy of your config.xml file
you can find this in My Documents > mission planner > config.xml

Yes, of course.

i did make a change recently, that may resolve this… it doesnt fix the issue, it just ignores the issue