Mission planner - Copter Bicopter Bug

hey everyone,
i have tried to use the bicopter frame - 10 like the document says ,
when i do it the parameters description of the quads are gone and the initial mode is Manual instead of stabilize ,
and when i try to use loiter i get error no such mode ,
have anyone know this bug?
this is the parameters files,
im using cube black,
thanks for help
CopterBug.param (16.2 KB)

update :
i have tried to use the qground to flash the pixhawk and use the bicopter frame type there ,
works without problems stablize loiter alt hold everything is enable, for some reason the mission planner some how destroy the parameters of the bicopter and make the frimware as vtol ,
hope they fix it.

MissionPlanner-1.3.74 - works with quad bicopter anything above thinks the quad is vtol and put it in manual mode , can you check what is the bug?

any one can help? the bicopter frame if quad in the messages tabs see as : tailsitter