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mission planner connection over wifi

Trying to connect crossfire to mission planner over wifi .
After painful episode getting crossfire wifi to work ( because bluetooth does not )
Im at the point of connecting to mission planner .
There is absolutely zero out there on how to do this that I can find .
ardupilot wiki gives a single simplistic answer concerning connection over com port
I try to connect using UDP . It asks for ip’s and something to do with a port number no clue at all what this means .

Using crossfire as a means to connect to your GCS is not smooth. The TBS instructions over simplify it.

Some key things:

  • It only seems to work when the TBS Wifi is connected to a hotspot. I use my phone when I’m in the field. I connect my laptop to the TBS wifi, then use the wifi menu to make sure that the TBS is also connected to my phone’s hotspot. (Yeah, real pain in the …)
  • You must turn on Mavlink data on the TBS Wifi menu EVERY TIME you power up the radio. It’s a known fault in the TBS wifi firmware. That same menu will have the port setting. It should default to 8888.
  • The latest TBS update (4.11) makes things better, but it’s still not great. The refresh rate on the GCS with TBS isn’t anything to get excited about. It takes a few minutes to download the parameters and I’ve had trouble getting waypoints and missions to load.

If you really need a functional GCS then you’re better off with proper telemetry radios like SIK or RDF900.

I completely agree. That has been my experience exactly.

The distributor refuses to accept the return of my transmitter as I’ve stuck the JR bay and TX together with the provided double sided tape. The receiver he will not accept either as its been soldered to. He’s asked me to peel the TX and JR bay apart so I did, and in the process broke an alignment pin. Now it just feels like I’ve been setup to fail. I’m pretty annoyed about it all.

Tempted to fight it some more but I guess at this point I just suck it up, sell it, leave a review as appropriate and get RFD900, and move on.

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