Mission Planner connect on startup

Is there a way to provide a command-line option that would cause Misson Planner to automatically connect to a COM port or tcp port?

My preference would be to use a .BAT file or a script to set tcp + connect + ip + port number

Alternately, where is the ip address and port number stored?

start with
MissionPlanner.exe --port COM1 --baud 57600

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I’ll try different options, but will something like -

missionplanner.exe --tcp --baud 921600 --ip --2000

(2000 is the tcp port number)

also work?

I’m using a 4G connection and ZeroTier-one which gives my copters fixed ip addresses. I would like a one-click startup (via a .bat file) for each one to reduce confusion. And finally, can I start with a joystick on the same line? (/joy).

ok, so if using that style, might want to setup an autoconnect.

“C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\Documents\Mission Planner\config.xml”

“Label”: “Mavlink SITL port”,
“Enabled”: false,
“Port”: 5760,
“Protocol”: 0,
“Format”: 0,
“Direction”: 1,
“ConfigString”: “”

this example is used to connect to sitl

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/joy “joystick name” /type “plane”

Hi. Can you explain in more detail how to make the joystick start automatically at startup?