Mission Planner Closes Immediately with no warning

I have Install Mission Planner VTOL 1.7 by MakeFlyEasy (MFE) I’ve been using this app for about 1 month and there’s no problem, but suddenly today I open the app and it closes itself after 30 - 40 seconds without any warning. I also tried to install the latest Mission Planner 1.3.77 build 1.3.8110.38294 and also encountered the same problem. I’ve tried uninstalling and installing many times, still the same thing happens.
Has anyone experienced this and what is the solution? this only happens on my laptop. I tried to install it on another laptop, no problems
This is the log file
MissionPlanner.log (191.0 KB)


Have you tried deleting any config file after uninstalling MP ?
I sometimes have to delete the config file in My Documents/Mission Planner in order to “refresh” MP.