Mission Planner Calculated Distances/Time Error?

Hello all!

I’m looking for some help please -

I’m seeing discrepancies in what we estimate the flight time might be for a given speed (5m/s in this instance), over X distance calculated in both MP and Google Earth etc. Approximate area is 14 hectares or 142,000 square metres approx.

MP is showing that the total distance traveled will be way higher than it really will be - a whopping 340km! Below is a link to a screenshot showing the readout from MP. Can anyone advise? The flight time and distances traveled to complete the mission are way off.

Many thanks

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Nevermind! Sussed it - It’s reading the homepoint at our office many miles away as the start of the mission!

May be useful for anyone else have a silly moment!

Cheers :slight_smile:

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