Mission Planner bluetooth bug

Hello. Im fighting with MP and bluetooth since 3 days. MP cant open serial port for bluetooth. I changed baud to 57k in BT, MP and windows serial. This is not bluetooth and windows problem. I tried to connect with putty and everything works. Im receiving packets. Tried with android DroidPlanner. Everything working great but Mission Planner not. Connection failed after 3 sec of waiting. Why I cant conect with MP via bluetooth? Any ideas?

Today I tried APM Planner for PC. Everything working well. But Mission Planner not :frowning:

what type of Bluetooth dongle do you have?

I have similar problems with Mission Planner 1.3.5 runing on Windows 7 64. When I try to access APM board via bluetooth connection I got the error message (see attachment). I can use QGroundStation, and even putty to connect BT serial port and see mavlink traffic. Onlu Mission Planner has this kind of problem. It looks like it connect to the port for 1-2 seconds disconnect and try to connect again but without success.
I also try to run Mission Planner as System administrator, but without cusses.

I have same trouble with Bluetooth. Using HC-06 module.
Quanum Nova autopilot, connection to second uart which have only mavlink protocol (without CLI interface as i understand).
APM:Copter 3.1.5 firmware
Tutty, APM 2.0.13, Andropilot can connect to autopilot (APM 2.0.13 sometimes can not find port, but I still can not find the regularity).
but with MP 1.3.7 on connection i see same error as on screenshot in previous post.

I think that problem is connected to windows 64 bit version and maybe bt drivers. When I run 32 bit xp on virtual box, everything works perfect. It also works fine on other notebook, with different (TOSHIBA) bt stack.

please try the latest beta MP.

make sure you turn reset apm on connect off. in the planner config.

I’ve had problems with the Bluetooth interfering with the USB COM ports for several years on my Asus Win7-64bit laptop.
YEARS I tell you, Years.
Basically , if the Bluetooth system was active, Mission Planner could not connect.
Before I realized that the connection problem was due to the Bluetooth driver. It almost drove me nuts, but fortunately I had an older computer on hand (without Bluetooth) so I just switched over to that one when the problem arose.
I had thought that I was because I had installed com0com port drivers, or that something corrupted the Mission planner.
I deleted drivers, re-installed older versions of Mission planner, all sorts of things.
The problem would come & go periodically with the Win7 system.
Eventually I figured out the correllation between the BT being active and the connection problem.
I just recently upgraded to the latest Intel WIFI card, which has BT built in, and removed original BT unit.
The problem seems to have gone away after that upgrade.
The original BT unit & drivers were from Broadcom.

[quote=“meee1”]please try the latest beta MP.

make sure you turn reset apm on connect off. in the planner config.[/quote]
That works