Mission Planner Auto Mode Problem

I hope this is the right place to ask this!
I’ve had some problems with my Pixhawk mro the last few days. I can’t figure out how to connect my rc reciever. I have one antenna connected to the TELM1 port, but thats for the ground station, right? The rc reciever (I use a Spektrum AR610 one) should be connected to the pixhawk, I believe. From what I could find this is the only way to get the Pixhawk into Autopilot (through an AutoMode-switch. Is this true and which port would i need to use?
PS: I’m fairly new, so sorry if something was terribly wrong in the post above.

You will need to read your way through the Wiki here.
It explains all you ask and then post in the suitable areas for the question.
You will understand which areas are relevant when you have read the wiki.