Mission planner auto grid issues

In MP … setting the advanced tab to enable camera settings … after using this feature and setting up my camera … when returning to the same setup tabs (camera settings and options) the tabs are blank … only the very first tab shows up ??? the others are just white back ground ?? any one have this issue … even by restarting MP and redoing a auto grip same thing happens

I have the same issue, I think this should be fixed by the developers but in the meantime you can recover the tabs by:

Uncheck the Advanced Options
Click on the Accept button
Enter GridUI again
Check Advanced Options

I just posted this same issue on DIY,
Thanks for the work around, it works!
I have the greatest faith in these guys I’m sure it will get fixed very soon!

next MP will fix this

Please don’t double post to DIYDrones. We are moving the support to this site ONLY.

Yup, stupid newb me. I posted there first… :confused:
The issue is fixed in Mission Planner 1.2.90
Amazing work everyone!
Thank you,
Scott M Brown

this should now be resolved.