Mission Planner Ariel Mapping Camera List

Does anyone know how to enter custom camera or lens details in the survey mapping to change the GSD or overlap calculation. Im looking to use a SONY Nex7 instead of the NEX5 that is in the drop down list of cameras… without the correct information the overlap, gsd and flight patter will be off.

Is the mission planner software open source as well, is it possible for me to view the source with a possibility of added in the nee camera parameters my self?

looks like the camera list comes from a XML file called camerasBuiltin.xml. Seems simple enough to change, ill try added my new camera specs in to see if they pop up. I have also included a piece of the file for those that ask the same question.

focual lenght, image height x width, and Sensor height x width are included fields

Nex5 25mm

Has anyone ever played with this file?

turn on advanced view in the survey dialog, and create your own camera.