Mission Planner Android-Should I give up?

Loaded Mission Planner Android on a Samsung Galaxy Tab A. Put the tablet in developer mode. Selected file transfer as the default USB mode.

Now to SIK radio setup on the tablet.
MP Android lets me choose a port on the SIK setup page. The one that finds the USB port just times out. Tried every possible combination.

The SIK radios work well when connected via a windows computer.

Anyone have success with MP Android. Can I copy your homework? My dog ate mine.


are you picking the correct baudrate? also is rts/cts enabled on the radio?

Yes to the rts/cts.

Radios set up with !SIK. running 57600 baud
I can and do try (12) different “devices” including the uART from what is usually the Comm dropdown.

MP is smooth as silk from a PC. No go on Android.


can you disable rts/cts on the phone/ground radio

Disabled rts/cts on the pair. Connects and horizon display will move choppy when controller moves. Then it goes into “Getting Parms…” and stays there. Says 4% in upper right of horizon display. What can be done to speed up the link or eliminate the errors? Connected to MP on a PC the signal is 75%.


just to clarify, disable rts/cts only on the radio that connects to the phone. the air side is fine to have it enabled if its wired correctly.

That’s it! Much appreciated. Cant give up now!!!

Thanks again,