Mission Planner Android - Mouse “Right Button” Function disabled

Hi Guys,

After last Android version of MP I cannot call “right button” of mouse functions in maps MP !!! This cannot show function in Flight Data or Flight Plan screen. I was tried some devices, no works !

In Android devices to action functions of mouse Right Button you need put finger stoped on screen and 2 secunds will open options list ! But this didn’t open list !

Windows version is working correctly, but in Android version cannot open option list !

thank you !

what MP verision on android? ie google play or some github?

hi @Michael_Oborne, lastet beta release was review this problem ! In Stable version of Play store this work but have other bugs, no good to use search in List Of Parameter, close app specifics words or caracters, I no define, but search “BATT2” or “SPRAY_” will go down MP.

Can I open issue for android version in Github ?

thank you !

what is the radio shown on android mission planner ?

@adcam this is h12 Skydroid !

please grab the latest beta, this should be resolved

Bug: instable work with big lists go down and close Mission Planner (all versions for Android):

  • create big mission plan (300 wp) execute Clear Mission;
  • Execute find function in “Complete List of Parameters”, find for “Batt2”;
  • Write Wp to drone (more than 300wps)

I am tested prerealese and stable play store versions !

Thank you;

im pushing a new version now that should fix the crash on many waypoints issue. google will take a while, but can get it on github now

Very nice, I tested the new version, is stable now !

thank you