Mission Planner and use joystick

Hey out there…
There s some of the things I can set in button´s(Button_axis0, Buttn_axis1) what are they made to do, and how to use
and for stick (Custom1, Custom2, UNIT16_MAX) the same here made to do what, and how to use
happy flying from Bruno ‘from Denmark’

axis custom0/1 maps to buttonaxis0/1
ie a button push can make a axis go from one end to the other, and then back again based on the button hold down time.

UINT16_MAX is a special internal value used to ignore this axis in the joystick message. ie if you had 2 GCS’s both sending rc override, you set it to this so they play nicely.

Thanks for this answer
this i can use , but not what i have hope for
buttonaxix0 to custom0 make a button like a 2 positions switch, but this stil take one axis
and there is only 7 axis to use with the joystick driver i can find
ohh with unit16_max and 2 computers as the ground station it can be 14 axis, but that is a lot of hardware on the ground i guess the flight controller need to have 2 telematics to communicate with 2 computers on the ground

so dos anybody knows a joystick driver to pc win 10 with more than 7 axis, i need 9/10 axis