Mission Planner and Pixhawk take 2++ minutes to connect

So I have a pixhawk powered Octocopter and I make sure that I am connected to MP every flight mostly for gps record keeping, and being able to use guided mode.

When I click connect it freezes everything on the laptop for about 1 minute. Then it will start to connect and it takes at least another minute to go through all the inputs.

If I connect over USB, it still takes about a minute for the dialog box to come up but at least it will connect quickly after that.

It wasn’t this slow when I first started using pixhawk/Mission planner back in January.

Any ideas?

Computer is running windows 8 64 bit. Connecting via a genuine 3DR telemetry.

TTT (old sqchool forum stuff there!)

please try disableing any Bluetooth adapters you have installed.

While that may work, that is not an acceptable answer really as I would often need to connect to my alexmos via bluetooth. Why is this a problem and what can be done to work around it?

can you confirm first that it is a bluetooth issue.
and if so.
what model/usb device it is.