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Mission planner and GPS: NO GPS


I had just left outside more than 1h the Pixhawk 2.4.8 connected with GPS (ublox NEO 6M).

But Mission planner still saying NO GPS.

GPS has intermittent red light.

Are there parameters in the Mission planner to check and modify?

Or is the GPS not properly working?

Many thanks.

a guess that your cable is not connected right or you parameters are set wrong. Once its it is connected you will see MP NO FIX or 3d FIX.

You do not need to wait for a fix for the GPS to be recognized.

Parameters have to be changed in the full parameters list, right?

Thanks. Regards.

That is how I do it.
make sure the serial baud & protocol are correct for your port.
Set GPS_TYPE to auto

How do you change GPS type to auto? Thanks

I was looking at old rover and gave you the wrong parameter.

It still not working.

But I found here link:

I have 5 pins instead of 6.

Thanks anyway

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