Mission Planner and APM Applications not Cross-Compatible

Ran into a snag yesterday. I created a simple 10 point circle area using the Mission Planner software and saved to my computer. I then opened in APM and made some modifications then resaved it over the existing file. When I went back to the Mission Planner software, the application stated that the file was unreadable.

Why is the two programs not cross compatible when working with mission plans?

Is anyone esle having the same issue?

Doug W.

what did you modify. need more info

All I did was move a couple points around then saved it in APM Planner. I then attempted to open it in Mission Planner and that’s when I received the error.

So I decided to conduct another test. See below. The two programs seem to be incompatible with each other and this possess a problem for folks who use both and for those who wish to share mission plans.

Doug W.

Mission Planner (V1.2.99.2 build 1.1.5204.13817)
From the Flight Plan window I selected "Create WP Circle. I accept all default options and plotted 20 points. I then saved it as “MP Test.txt”.

APM Planner (v2.0.8)
From the Flight Plan window I selected “Load WP” and tagged the “MP Test.txt” radius file. After verification that the file loaded correctly, I selected “Save WP” and over wrote the original file. Nothing was modified prior to saving it. File was named MP Test APM.txt".

Mission Planner (V1.2.99.2 build 1.1.5204.13817)
I closed Mission Planner and then restarted it to ensure a clean application with nothing displayed in the Flight Planner window. From the Flight Plan window I selected “MP Test APM.txt” file and upon it attempting to load received “Invalid Waypoint file” message.

looks like the header is newer.

110 vs 120…

Has the header issue been corrected?

I believe it should work now yes.