Mission Planner ADSB aircraft icon

When using ADS-B in the aircraft icons representing tracked aircraft can be very difficult to see against the map. Any possibility to allow for customization of their color or size?

@Michael_Oborne can you look at this?

currently the color changes based on threat level. green/orange/red. so changing it would break this.

might be possible to change the green to a darker or light color though

Maybe luminous green?

i dont see why not

or maybe

open to sugestions

That would be perfect!

Just wondering if this was ever implemented, or if maybe there are any chances of custom colors for ADSB objects in the roadmap.

I have red-green color deficiency. This makes it really difficult for me to see objects against the satellite map background (see below). Perhaps they’re visible to others but I can barely see the orange/ADSB objects. Having the ability to change coloring would be greatly appreciated.