Mission planner add intermediate waypoint enhancement

Let make some waypoint upto 10points randomly.
I want add point somewhere between waypoint 3 & 4. At current method is either drag all waypoints to target location and add another new waypoint as new one at last.
And another method is to add below option in the waypoint editing panel which make default lat, long as zero which again tends to drag to target location that also very completed.

In my opinion it would be straight away in the map right click and add waypoint at mouse courser point as target point. So automatically remaining all waypoints should change there numeric order according to updated waypoint. Thank you.

The current way to do it is to add the new intermediate waypoint to the needed location and then move it the the right place with the up/down arrows in the datagrid.

I think it is worth to consider to to modify the add below action to get the coordinates from the line above and shift 50m in both direction the coordinates for the added new waypoint, what do you think ?

But if we know the place in the map where is my exact waypoint to be fix it’s quiet easy method instead of creating coordinates.
By searching with coordinates it’s bit easy method to make waypoint on the map.

right click the map > click insert wp. type in after x wp number

or mouse over the point prior to where you want to insert, move cursor to location, right click > insert wp > click ok

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Thank you I got it. Thanks to all developers

Indeed! I overlooked this one, shame on me.