Mission Planner 2 in conjunction with MarvelMind - Map Drifting and Altitude incorrect

Some friends and I are attempting to use the Marvelmind indoor navigation with our drone. We are using a Pixhawk4 flight controller and Mission Planner. Two issues are arising:

  1. The map in Mission Planner will not stop drifting. This is most likely due to not having the GPS plugged in since we are attempting to rely in the mobile beacon alone(MarvelMind). Is there a parameter variable which will shut off GPS completely and therefore eliminate the drifting?

  2. For some reason, the altitude will begin at say 1.2 meters and over a short period of time will steadily increase to 11+ meters. All the while, the drone has never moved and remained static. Could this be due to a drift in the Z-direction stemming from problem 1? What else would cause this?

Any guidance or tips for integrating Mission Planner, MarvelMind, and Pixhawk4 would be greatly appreciated.

Mike H.

what have you done to confirm that this drift isn’t actually the marvelmind itself? I don’t have any experience with this system, so cant really suggest or comment on its function. Mission planner only displays what the hardware tells it. and I would assume the drift is originating from the marvelmind system