Mission Planner 1.35 Ghost Waypoint Home

Hello All

Just wondering this as i have Recently Moved across state in Florida. I took some time to work on my quads to reduce vibrations and it seemed to work on my test quad. how ever, when i connect to mission planner, Either 1.31 or 1.35, a voice tells me my quad is headed fro waypoint Home yet no way points appear in flight planner. Also i noticed my Home Way point was set to my Old address across the state of florida. I have cleared it out and marked my current address as HOME but is there any way to be sure all way points are cleared? i tried Clear mission but there really isnt anything to clear.

Should i be worried on an RTL my Quad might attempt to fly across state?

I guess by Design i have to set another HOME to clear an old one?

thanks in advance

When you arm the quad a new Home will be stored or you can click on the ‘Home Location’ in the Flight Planner tab once you have a 3D GPS lock.