Mission Planner 1.3.74 and APM 2.8 board - Set param error. Please ensure your version is AC3.3+

What do I need to do to calibrate the escs (arducopter apm2.8) mission planner ver 1.3.74
I receive the message (set param error. Please ensure your version is AC3.3+

Thank you.

Get a mission planner version that is as ancient as the AMP2.8 board. (four years old)
And it will work fine.

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Or don’t use the ESC calibration function in Mission planner, use the all-at-once method using your transmitter.But better yet, throw that old Flight Controller in the bin and replace it with a one that runs current Arducopter.

Can you recommend a flight controller? Of course without putting my hand deep in my pocket.

We support over 60 different hardware boards . Just pick one, they go from 30€ to 1200€

I want to use it in a hexacopter. Your proposal does not help me much. Maybe I would like something around 50 - 80 euros.

Can anyone suggest a helicopter flight controller? I would like a complete kit with cables etc.