Mission Planner 1.3.55 build 1.3.6660.28588 crashing 20-30 seconds after opening

I just updated to the latest build of Mission Planner
Mission Planner 1.3.55 build 1.3.6660.28588

Without clicking on anything, it crashes roughly 20-30 seconds after opening.
I have Windows 10 latest build.

I restarted, repaired Mission Planner, uninstalled and reinstalled, but all crashes with that version. I downloaded the Beta version and launched it with no issues or crashes.

This is more of a heads up, and solution for now. I don’t know what on my system may be conflicting, but if it happens to others, then the Beta version should keep you running until it is fixed.

  • Chad

BTW - the Beta version i downloaded says:
Mission Planner 1.3.53 build 1.3.6652.13988

So it may just be the previous version currently.

1.3.55 I keep getting errors on the planner side . I can’t even use it .

please post the missionplanner log file
it can be found in C:\ProgramData\Mission Planner

I ended up installing the beta and it is working

MissionPlanner.log (42.2 KB)

Hope this helps. I have told the others on our team not to upgrade yet. My install is not part of our regular production.
Thanks - Chad

there is something on your network sending data to udp port 14550. do you know what that is? is it mavlink?

I am not connected, the Pixhawk is at work, I am at home. I will test later and look at Wireshark. We did recently get a Ping adsb receiver for a fixed we we ordered. After I tested it successfuly on a extra Pixhawk we have, even when off my mission planner shows air traffic. I figured it is pulling it from an online source. I will repost once I see what is going on with my computer and the network.

I have the same error, without clicking on anything, it crashes roughly 20-30 seconds after opening. I have Windows 10 latest build. I re-installed via Microsoft Windows store… version 1.3.52 and Mission Planner is running very well now…

im going to upload a new MP version now. it appears to be do with an invalid home location


Thanks for the update, no crashes since the update.

I did run wireshark and didn’t see what was pulling from UDP port 14450. Possibly something that is no longer running.

I did see it pulling ADS-B data from: HTTP 185 GET /VirtualRadar/AircraftList.json?lat=39.052073&lng=-84.5654263&fDstL=0&fDstU=100 HTTP/1.1

Thanks for working on this and resolving the issue.