Mission Planner 1.3.48 Stable - Joystick BUG (Beta works!)


Wanted to let people know that my Logitech RumblePad 2 stoped working with update to latest stable 1.3.48.

It shows up in Joystick selection dropdown menue, but “Enable” gives an error “Please Connect a Joystick”. Also Autodetect doesn’t detect and simply sets ARx. Manually setting, for example it used to be “X” for “Roll”, X for roll doesn’t change anything and doesn’t show up on output.

As a matter of fact output are all solid white

------------------ UPDATE on beta version -------------
Beta is also not working properly. I have roll axes reverting from boot up to boot up, but over all it at least works. Everyone who reverted to older build indicated that it resolved the issue, thus it is a new code that brings it up an not HW (aka Joystick it self or its drivers or even new Visual Studio 2017)

I am seeing the same in 1.3.48 - error “Please Connect a Joystick”.

I will have to revert to the previous build as we do not use a transmitter and only the GCS and Joystick.

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Have same problem here, tried to update to beta and it works better but still a bit buggy and sometimes it looses the joystick and always have an error when closing the app.

Reverted to last stable before 48 and everything is fine again, joystick works without problems and MP doesn’t generate errors on closing.

I guess there is still something not as good as it was in previous release in the joystick code.



I’m experiencing the same using 1.3.48 build, will try previous stable version.

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Doesn’t work on 1.3.47 but I can get it to work on 1.3.45.

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I am using 1.3.44 at the moment and for me has been the more stable till now for joystick and general use, never a prob.

Maybe the switch to visual studio 2017 will take a bit to iron out all the little bugs.


Exactly, that is the message.

More interestingly, the Beta Version resolved that issue. BUT, now joystick left and right roll input may switch from time to time!!! Leading to very dangerous situation.

The problem is that I have to use custom Gstreamer Pipe, but it is only available in latest Mission Planner Beta - but it is buggy (see my comment above on roll axe switching direction)

SO MY IDEA, what latest version works for your Joystick?

  • Can we use that Mission Planner Joystick part/code and copy it over to new mission planner beta version - that would make it next to perfect.

Any Ardudevelopers here??

I have similar problem to Artem, can someone replay his post ?

It looks like this has been fixed by this commit and is currently working in the latest Mission Planner Beta.

You are right. Beta version works much better and I have possibility to get gstreamer pipeline in HUD panel and same time to setup joystick. I can setup my xbox one pad and it works but when I save configuration, close MP and restart it again MP do not keep those settings and I have to setup pad again. Maybe I need to check read/write rights on and of configuration files .