Mission planner 1.3.14 does not recognize USB port 10

Hi everybody
I face this situation after upgrading to 1.3.13 and 1.3.14 (everything was working perfectly before)
When I plug in the USB the 3dr 433 radios, the green light is steady and the small red light is blinking (more vivid in the plane) in both 3dr radios (I suppose this means the communicate).
com port seems to be ok (see comport10.jpg). The same usb port is working when I connect directly to the APM via usb cable (port 9)
When mission planner starts it gives for a little while what you see in “MissionPlanner open.jpg”, then mission planner starts.
When I try to connect as you see in “3dr_USB_problem.jpg” It gives an error and the details are in the lower left part window of the image.
Does anyone else has the same problem and if so how solved it?

First thing would be to set the correct baud rate for the radio connection. 115200 in for USB cable connection; the 3DR radios use 57600 bits per second.